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69 Dreams is an exhibition showcasing 15 alternative posters for the Israeli 69 independence day poster mentioned in 2017.
In May 2017 a bunch of Tel Aviv based Graphic Designers gathered to celebrate Israel’s 69th Independence day with an unofficial group exhibition showcasing 16 alternatives for the official Independence day poster, a tradition that started in Israel in 1949 and shaped the Israeli Graphic design culture with iconic posters from Dan Resigner, David Tartakover, Lahav Halevy and many more.

                          The exhibition was organised after Israel’s Minister of Culture decided to cancel this tradition concerning there isn’t enough budget for it anymore. We voluntarily sat down and designed 16 colourful and extraordinary posters for a one of a kind exhibition, due to the decision to cancel the budget for Israel’s official independence day poster. Every year a ministerial committee picks a national subject that leads the design of the poster. In 2017 the subject was “Jerusalem”. We decided to make a poster exhibition under the title “Dream” The posters were pasted up on the walls of an unused public space right in the heart of Tel Aviv.
Copyright Ⓒ  Designed and developed by Nir Shaked